Where should I park?

There will be plenty of free parking in the Meijer through Home Depot parking lots in designated areas. TARTA will be operating shuttles free of charge to get you to the festivities. Check out the maps for more information on parking and shuttle stop locations.

Are we allowed to bring chairs?

Absolutely! There will be a viewing area in the field that you can set up chairs and blankets. You will also be able to set up chairs behind a certain point in the Beer Garden.

Can I fly in a hot air balloon during the event?

Unfortunately, no. Due to our FAA waivers, event insurance policy, and sponsor obligations, balloon rides will not be offered to the general public. However, Intrepid Helicopters will be offering helicopter rides Friday and Saturday during the GCBR. Glass City Balloon Race Helicopter Rides!

How much does this event cost?

This is a FREE community event. Spectators are able to enjoy the sights at no cost, but you may want to have some cash on hand for the delicious food trucks, vendors, activities, and more.

When is the best time to see a balloon?

Due to the nature of the aircraft, balloon flights are entirely dependent on the weather. The winds are the calmest and most predictable just after sunrise and before sunset.  Balloons are scheduled for morning (6:15am) and evening flights (7:30pm), with the addition of an evening glow.

Please be aware that all events are weather permitting. While we would love every balloon to fly for each scheduled flight, hot air balloons are very prone to weather conditions. Pilot and spectator safety are paramount to a successful and fun ballooning event. Be sure to follow our Facebook & Twitter accounts for updates regarding flights and events.

Where should I go to see the balloons?

All flight activity will be centered around the common launch area, adjacent to Total Sports Rossford. This is also where all of the vendors and activities are taking place. The flights are planned as a mass ascension out of the CLA for the following:

  • Friday AM
  • Friday PM
  • Saturday PM

The competition flights will be a bit different. After the flight briefing, pilots will have to navigate through the area to the best location to inflate their balloon. They will then have to use the winds to navigate to different target locations. This is when it gets fun! Pilots will be seen throwing small bean bags with colorful nylon tails at targets to score points.

Competition flights are scheduled for the following days:

  • Saturday AM
  • Sunday AM

How big are the balloons?

Hot air balloons for this event range in size from 54,000 cubic feet to 105,000 cubic feet. If you consider one basketball as one cubic foot of air, that’s up to 105,000 basketballs! Larger passenger balloons can be upwards of 320,000 cubic feet, but you won’t see any of those at our event, though.

What is a GLOW?

Brace yourself for the majesty. The balloons will return to the field and be static displayed (not flying) Friday and Saturday night. They will be on the ground from 9-10pm in the common launch area adjacent to Total Sports Rossford. This is truly a sight to behold.

I have a super cool drone. Can I fly it during the event and get some cool footage and pictures?

We have partnered with Toledo Aerial Media as our OFFICIAL aerial media coverage provider. Because of this, and other FAA and safety regulations, absolutely no other drones will be allowed in the area. Please keep them at home. Enjoy the sights without the work!

When did ballooning start?

The year was 1783. Location? France. It all started with the Montgolfier brothers, and a rooster, a duck, and a sheep. Find yourself lucky enough to meet a pilot or have him land in your backyard…he will tell you the rest of the story!